Pinnacle Studio: How To Use the Pictures Section

In Pinnacle Studio, the pictures section is located within the Classic Title Editor Album. The pictures section is capable of housing any standard image type. When you add a picture to your title, the picture is added as a picture object.

Although the pictures and background sections are similar, the images from the backgrounds section are stretched to fill the Edit Window. The images from the pictures section are displayed at normal size within the Edit Window of the Classic Title Editor Album.

Repositioning and Resizing Pictures

When you add a picture to your title, you are able to reposition and re-size the picture. You cannot rotate or skew the picture. To add a picture to your title, all you have to do is drag the thumbnail from the pictures section and drop it into the Edit Window.

After the picture has been dropped into the Edit Window, you are able to click on the picture to display the eight control points. To reposition the picture, simply click the picture and drag it to a new location. By using any of the eight control points, you will be able to re-size the picture as well. All you need to do is click and drag one of the control points.

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