Pinnacle Studio: How To Use the Object Toolbox

In Pinnacle Studio, the Object toolbox is located within the Classic Title Editor. There are four tools that are contained within the Object toolbox. The tool cluster is located below the Edit Window in the Classic Title Editor. This guideline will go over how to use each tool that is located within the Object toolbox.

Arrow Tool

The arrow tool is the first tool that is available in the Object toolbox. You will use the arrow tool for all editing operations upon the currently selected object. When you select an object with the arrow tool, the object will become surrounded by a number of control points. You can click and drag these control points to change the size, proportions, position and other geometrical features of the object.

Text Boxes, Ellipses and Rectangles Tools

The final three tools are grouped together in the Object toolbox. The text box tool is represented by the letter T in the Object toolbox. The ellipses tool is represented by a circle and the rectangles tool is represented by a rectangle. As the name suggests, you will use these three tools for creating the objects that are associated with the name of the tool.

The directions for using these three tools are the same. Once you have clicked on one of the three tools in the Object toolbox, you will need to click the Edit Window at the point where one corner of the object should be. By dragging your mouse, you will be able to outline the new object. While you are dragging your mouse, the object that you are creating will be represented by a dotted line in the Edit Window.

When you release your mouse, the dotted line object that you see will be created. When you initially create the object, you have no control over the color, shading and shadow of the object. Those attributes are based off of the currently selected look in the Classic Title Editor Album. If you are unhappy with the size of the object, you can use the arrow tool to re-size it.

Selecting Text Objects

You will notice that when you select the text box that you have created with the text box tool, the text field of the box will be put into a ready state. The control points that are described under the arrow tool will disappear when the text field is in a ready state, and a text insertion cursor will appear on your screen. When the text field is in a ready state, you are able to use your keyboard to type information into that field.

Anytime you click on the middle of a text box object, the text field will be put into a ready state. If you need to use the arrow tool to change any geometrical features of the text box, you will need to click on the outer edges of the text box. Selecting a text box is different from selecting an ellipse or rectangle. With an ellipse or rectangle, you can click anywhere within the object to change the geometrical features.

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