Pinnacle Studio: How To Use the Object Layout Buttons

In Pinnacle Studio, the object layout buttons are located within the Classic Title Editor. There are four object layout buttons available. This guideline will go over the purpose of each of those buttons in the order that they appear in the cluster.

Two Left Buttons

The two left buttons are used for grouping and ungrouping objects. The first button will only be available when multiple objects are selected. The second button is available only when a group object is selected. The purpose of the second button is to allow you to separate the group into its constituent objects.

Third Button

The third button in the cluster will open a menu that contains 11 operations when pressed. The first 6 operations allow you to align objects along the four edges of the objects. The last 5 operations allow you to space objects at equal intervals in either a horizontal or vertical direction.

Fourth Button

The fourth and final button in the object layout buttons cluster deals with object justification. There are 9 options associated with the fourth button. The options appear in a tic-tac-toe board. By clicking in one of the spaces on the board, you will be moving the selected object to the corresponding corner of your screen.

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