Pinnacle Studio: How To Use the Looks Browser

In Pinnacle Studio, the Looks browser is located within the Classic Title Editor. The three sections that are contained within the Looks browser are: standard, custom and favorite. This guideline will go over the purpose of each section.


When you click on the standard section of the Looks browser, you will be presented with various styles that can be applied to the text or other objects that are located in your title. To apply one of the styles to your title, click on the object in the title and then click on the style in the standard section of the Looks browser.


The custom section of the Looks browser allows you to customize the styles provided by Pinnacle Studio or create your own styles. The three buttons on the top of the custom section allow you to select a solid color, a gradient or no color. If you select the color swatch, which is located next to the solid color button, a dialog box appears that allows you to select any Windows color.


The favorites section allows you to save styles that you have created in the custom tab. After you have created a style, click on the left hand button of that style, and it will be automatically saved to the favorites section for later use.

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