Pinnacle Studio: How To Use the Leveler

In Pinnacle Studio, the leveler is considered to be an audio effect. You will use the leveler to help compensate for the imbalance of the recorded volume in the original audio (of varying elements). For example, if you have speech in a recorded video, the volume of that speech may be very high compared to other sounds at the location in which the video was shot. This guideline will go over how to use the leveler tools.

Using the Leveler

You will first need to use the target level slider to set the target volume. You want to find a target volume that is in between that of the loud and soft audio in the clip you are working with. After you have set the target volume, you need to use the compression slider. The more that you move the compression slider to the right, the more the louder sounds in the audio clip will be reduced.

After the compression slider comes the threshold slider. The threshold slider controls the minimum level at which expansion will be applied. The final slider in the leveler is the expansion slider. As you move the expansion slider to the right, the amount by which the softer sounds in the audio clip are amplified increases.

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