Pinnacle Studio: How To Use the Karaoke Tool

In Pinnacle Studio, when you use the Karaoke tool, you are removing the main vocal from the performance. You can use the Karaoke tool on MP3 songs and CD tracks. The end product of the Karaoke tool will be background music that you can use in your project. You can also use the background music as the backing for your own vocal in a voice over. This guideline will go over how to use the Karaoke tool.

Using the Karaoke Tool

The Karaoke tool is very easy to use. When you open the Karaoke tool, it will automatically compare the two stereo channels of the selected audio. The Karaoke tool will only be able to remove the main vocal if the main vocal is equally divided between the two stereo channels. You will receive a pop-up message in Pinnacle Studio if you are unable to use the Karaoke tool on the audio that you have selected.

You will need to control the volume slider when using the Karaoke tool. After the main vocal has been removed, if the audio is too loud, move the volume slider to the left. If the audio is too soft, move the volume slider to the right.

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