Pinnacle Studio: How To Use the Grungelizer

In Pinnacle Studio, the Grungelizer allows you to add noise and static to your recordings. The Grungelizer has six dials and two switches that you will need to use. This guideline will go over how to use the dials and switches.

Crackle Dial

The cracker dial allows you to create that old vinyl record sound. As you turn the dial to the right, the amount of crackle increases.

RPM Switch

The RPM switch allows you to set the turntable speed in revolutions per minute. The available options are 33, 45 or 78 RPM.

Noise Dial

The noise dial regulates the amount of static noise added.

Distort Dial

The distort dial is used to add distortion to your audio.

EQ Dial

You will use the EQ dial to create a hollow sound. When you turn this dial to the right, any low frequencies will be cut off.

AC Dial

The AC dial copies the constant and low hum that an AC current makes.

Frequency Switch

The frequency switch is used to set the pitch of the AC hum. The available frequencies are 50 Hz and 60 Hz.

Timeline Dial

The timeline dial controls the overall effect of all of the above dials and switches. As you turn the dial to the right, the more noticeable the above effects will be when applied to an audio clip.

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