Pinnacle Studio: How To Use the Frame Grabber Tool

In Pinnacle Studio, the frame grabber tool is located in the video toolbox in the Player. The frame grabber tool is represented by a small hand that is holding a camera. You can use the frame grabber tool to take a snapshot of a video frame. That snapshot is then stored in the Album, where you can add it as a still image to your project or save it for later use. This guideline will go over directions for using the frame grabber tool.

Step 1: Reduce Flicker

You will only need to reduce flicker if the video you are trying to take a snapshot from contains a large amount of motion. If you do not reduce flickering, the snapshot that you take with the frame grabber tool may be blurry. To reduce flicker, you will need to open the frame grabber tool. This can be done by opening the video toolbox, which is located at the top left of the Movie Window. You must have the Movie Window in Edit mode in order to display the toolbox buttons. With the video toolbox open, select the frame grabber tool, which again, is represented by a small hand that is holding a camera. With the frame grabber tool open, check the Reduce flicker option.

Step 2: The Grab

With the flickering now reduced or eliminated, you are ready to use the frame grabber tool to grab a snapshot. When you see the frame that you want to take a snapshot of displayed in the Player, all you have to do is press the Grab button. The Grab button is located directly under the Player in the frame grabber tool. Once the frame has been grabbed, the Add to movie and Save to disk options will be enabled.

Step 3: Select Add to Movie or Save to Disk

You will need to decide whether you want to add the snapshot to your movie or save the snapshot to your hard drive. If you click the Add to movie button, the grabbed frame will automatically be inserted into the Movie Window. The grabbed frame will be sent to the video track, ahead of the currently selected clip.

The Save to disk option will display the Save As dialog box when clicked. The Save As dialog box will allow you to select a folder, file name and image format that the grabbed frame will be stored in. You will also be able to select a resolution for the grabbed frame in the Save As dialog box. You will be presented with a few standard sizes, or you can set a custom size. You can also save the grabbed frame in the original size that the frame was captured in. Once the grabbed frame has been saved onto your hard drive, you can import the frame back into the Album for future use.

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