Pinnacle Studio: How To Use the Editing Mode Selection Buttons

The editing mode selection buttons are located within the Classic Title Editor in Pinnacle Studio. You will find these editing mode selection buttons on the bottom of the Edit Window. This guideline will go over how to use the two editing mode selection buttons.

First Button

The first button in the editing mode selection buttons cluster looks like four little plus (+) signs. When you create a new object, this button is on by default. You will use this button to move, scale and rotate an object. With an object selected, the top control point allows rotation and the corner control points re-size an object. The edge control points are to be used for changing the width or height of an object. To move an object, simply click and drag the object.

Second Button

The second button in the editing mode selection buttons cluster is represented by the letters A and B. The purpose of this button is to allow you to skew an object. When you click on the second button, only one control point becomes available. You can click and drag the control point to change the shape of the selected object.

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