Pinnacle Studio: How To Use the Diskometer

In Pinnacle Studio, the Diskometer is located in Capture mode. To switch into Capture mode in Pinnacle Studio, you need to click on the Capture button, which is located at the top of Pinnacle Studio. This guideline will go over the purpose of the Diskometer and how to use the Diskometer.

Purpose of the Diskometer

The purpose of the Diskometer in Pinnacle Studio is to display the amount of space available on your capture drive. The Diskometer will use both numbers and graphics to display that figure. The Diskometer will also inform you approximately how much duration of video your capture drive can hold. That number is calculated by taking both the available space on your capture drive and the configured capture quality into account.

Step 1: Capture Quality Settings

Depending upon the device that you have connected to your computer, the Diskometer will display preset capture quality settings that you can choose from. You have the option of using one of the presets, or clicking on the Settings button, which is located on the bottom right of the Diskometer, and setting up custom settings.

The most commonly used presets are DV, MPEG and Preview. If you are outputting your project to a videotape, you should use the DV preset. The DV preset uses approximately 200 megabytes of disk space per minute of video. When you use the DV preset, there is no need to recapture clips at full resolution when you output your movie to a videotape or other device.

While the MPEG preset takes up less disk space than the DV preset, it will take you longer to capture and output your movie when compared to the DV preset. The MPEG preset has three quality presets available. Select Low if you are outputting for VCD, Medium if you are outputting for S-VCD, and High if you are outputting for DVD.

If you select the Preview preset, the video quality of your footage will be reduced during the capture process, which requires less disk space. However, you will need to recapture the footage at full resolution during the output process.

Step 2: Starting and Ending the Capture Process

You will use the Diskometer to start and end the capture process. To begin the capture process, press the Start capture button, which is located on the left hand side of the Diskometer. As soon as you press the Start capture button, that button will change to the Stop capture button. When the Diskometer has completed capturing your footage, press the Stop capture button.

Step 3: Setting the Capture Directory

By default, when the Diskometer is finished with capturing your footage, Pinnacle Studio will automatically save that footage to your system's Shared video directory. If you would like the footage to be saved elsewhere, you can change the default directory. To do that, click on the file folder button. The file folder button is located at the top right of the Diskometer. When you click on the file folder button, the Diskometer will display the Select Folder and Default Name for Captured Video dialog box. You will then be able to browse the hard drive on your computer to locate a new default directory for your captured footage.

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