Pinnacle Studio: How To Use the Buttons Section

In Pinnacle Studio, the Buttons section is located in the Classic Title Editor. The basic buttons that are found in the Buttons section are normal, thumbnail, previous and next. To use a button from the Buttons section, all you have to do is drag it from the Album and drop it into the Edit window. This guideline will go over the main functions of each button.


When you click on the normal button when you are playing back a movie, the movie will jump to a chapter or another menu. You can dictate where the normal button jumps to by using the Clip properties tool.


The thumbnail button is a special form of the normal button. When you click on the thumbnail button, Pinnacle Studio will display a thumbnail frame from the part of the movie that it is linked to.


The previous button only appears on the second and later pages of multi-page menus. When you press the previous button, Pinnacle Studio will jump back to the previous menu page.


The next button will appear on all pages of multi-page menus, except for the last page. When you press the next button, Pinnacle Studio will jump to the following page.

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