Pinnacle Studio: How To Use the Backgrounds Section

In Pinnacle Studio, the Backgrounds section is located in the Classic Title Editor. The Backgrounds section allows you to change the appearance of a title or menu. The four types of backgrounds available in the Backgrounds section are a solid color, a gradient, a transparency or an image file.

Color and Gradient

If you are familiar with the Looks browser, you will notice that the color and gradient options in the Backgrounds section are identical to those listed in the Looks browser. To select a solid color or gradient, all you have to do is click on the solid color or gradient icons that are shown in the Backgrounds section.


The transparency icon is the third icon shown in the Backgrounds section. When you click on the transparency icon, any background that your title or menu has will be removed. By default, any new titles or menus that you add to your project will have a transparency background.

Image Files

The image files, or picture, icon is located below the solid color icon in the Backgrounds section. When you click on the image files icon, a predetermined source folder will appear. To change the source folder, click on the select folder icon, which is located across from the image files icon. You will need to browse your hard drive to locate an image that you want to use as your background.

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