Pinnacle Studio: How To Use Reverb

In Pinnacle Studio, the Reverb effect is used to simulate the effect of playing back the source sound in a room of a given size and sound reflectivity. This guideline will go over how to set up the five Reverb settings.

Initial Delay

You will use this slider to set the amount of delay from the start of the sound until the reverb kicks in. The larger the room, the larger the value should be.

Room Size

The room size slider is used to set the size of the modeled room. As you increase the size of the room, the interval between reflections of the sound waves will be increased.


The purpose of damping is to reduce high frequency reflections as the sound waves bounce off surfaces in the virtual room. As you move the damping slider to the right, a warmer sound will be produced.


You will use the duration slider to control the length of time it takes from when a sound begins until the reverb effect fades away.


The mix slider is used to dictate how much of the original sound will be mixed into the effect. If you move this slider all the way to the left, only the original sound will be heard.

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