Pinnacle Studio: How To Use Noise Reduction

In Pinnacle Studio, the noise reduction option is available in the cleaning effects list. The cleaning effects list is considered to be a video effect. The noise reduction option may help improve the appearance of noisy video. When you improve the appearance of noisy video, you are removing artifacts from a picture.

Artifacts are image defects that are caused by image processing. Pinnacle Studio will only allow you to use the noise reduction option on images where the amount of motion falls beneath a threshold value that is specified by the noise reduction algorithm that Pinnacle Studio uses.

Using Noise Reduction

The noise reduction option utilizes a motion threshold slider. If you move the slider to the right hand side of your screen in Pinnacle Studio, you will increase the amount of motion that will be affected by the noise reduction process. While you will be increasing the proportion of the image that will be affected by the noise reduction process, there are dangers involved.

As you continue to move the motion threshold slider to the right, you are increasing the chance that the noise reduction process will introduce unacceptable artifacts to your video.

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