Pinnacle Studio: How To Trim on the Timeline Using Handles

In Pinnacle Studio, the fastest way to trim clips is to use the handles in the timeline. When you trim clips, you are essentially creating new in and out points for the clip. You are not losing the content that is in the clip by trimming it. Pinnacle Studio stores a copy of the source clip in the Album.

Generally speaking, you will need to trim most clips that you plan on using in your movie project. When you are capturing video scenes, there is often more material in the various scenes than you will need to actually use in your movie. In addition to trimming on the Timeline using handles, Pinnacle Studio allows you to use the clip properties tool to trim clips.

Step 1 - Deletion of Clips

Before you can trim on the Timeline by using handles in Pinnacle Studio, you need to delete all but one clip from the Timeline. The only clip that remains in the Timeline should be the clip that you need to trim. If there are no clips in the Timeline, you will need to move a clip from the Album into the Timeline to trim it.

Step 2 - Expand the Timescale

Once you have a single clip ready to be trimmed in the Timeline, you need to expand the Timescale. The purpose of expanding the Timescale is so you can make fine adjustments easier. You can expand the Timescale by pointing the mouse anywhere in the Timeline, except over the edit line. Your mouse pointer will automatically turn into a clock symbol. To expand the Timescale, click and drag your mouse pointer to the right hand side of your screen.

Step 3 - Positioning Your Mouse Pointer

With the Timescale expanded, you need to position your mouse so that it turns into a left pointing arrow. You can accomplish this by positioning your mouse pointer over the right edge of the clip.

Step 4 - Trimming

The left pointing arrow allows you to trim a clip on the Timeline by using handles. To trim a clip, click and drag on the left hand side of the clip. You must pay careful attention to the Player, because the Player will show the last frame in the trimmed clip in real time. If you are not watching the Player and you over trim the clip, you will need to start the trimming process over by extracting the clip again from the source file.

As you continue to shorten a clip in length, your mouse pointer will become two-directional. Pinnacle Studio does this to inform you that the clip edge can now be dragged both left and right. By trimming a clip on the Timeline by using handles, you can shorten a clip to a single frame, or increase a clip to the end of the source scene. When you release your mouse, the clip will be trimmed.

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