Pinnacle Studio: How To Split and Combine Clips

Pinnacle Studio is an intensive, yet easy to use non-linear editing program, that allows you to work wonders with your video clips by splitting and combining them.

Why Would You Split Clips

Let's say that you're editing a short film that was shot with one camera. These films choose a camera angle, shoot the entire scene from that angle, and then move to another angle and shoot the entire scene again. In order to effectively edit together all of these angles, you need to split the clips up so that you can move them around and shuffle them into order.

How to Split a Clip

There are two ways to split a clip. For both methods, the first step is to move the timeline marker to the point where you want the split to occur. Next, you can either right-click the clip and choose 'Split Clip' from the pop up menu, or you can click the 'Split Clip Button' which looks like a razor.

Combining Clips

Let's say that you didn't like how the split worked out and wish to recombine the clip. You can either choose 'Edit'-> 'Undo'. If you had split the clip a while ago, then shift click on the two new clips, then right-click and choose 'Combine Clips'.

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