Pinnacle Studio: How To Set Up the Make Windows Media File Settings

In Pinnacle Studio, you will use the Make Windows Media File panel to adjust the settings for Window Media Player files. To create custom settings for your Windows Media Player project, select Custom from the drop down preset list in the Make Windows Media File panel. This guideline will go over the main functions of the settings in the Make Windows Media File panel.

Title, Author and Copyright

The title, author and copyright fields are the first three fields in the Data section of the Make Windows Media File panel. While you must enter information into each field, the fields are not visible to the viewer. They are encoded into your project for identification purposes.


The description field is located next to the copyright field and under the author field in the Make Windows Media File panel. You will use the description field to enter keywords that are encoded into your project. The keywords that you enter are used to identify your movie for Internet search engines. The description field can hold up to 256 characters.


The rating field is located under the copyright field. You do not have to enter a value into the rating field. For example, if you feel it would be helpful to let your viewers know that your movie contains G or PG content, you can enter G or PG into the rating field.


The profile drop down list is located at the very bottom of the Make Windows Media File panel. You will use the profile drop down list to choose the playback quality of your movie. The playback quality of your Windows Media movie is based off of the capability of your target platform.

For example, if you suspect that most of your viewers will be using a broadband connection to watch your movie, select one of the broadband options. The Make Windows Media File panel will also present you with different Internet speed options, such as 700 Kbps and 384 Kbps.


The markers options are located on the right hand side of the Make Windows Media File panel. The markers are used for the Windows Media Player "Go To Bar." When you create a Window Media file in Pinnacle Studio, markers are automatically created for each clip in your project. If you choose to include markers with your movie, the markers will be accessible by your viewers. Your viewers can use the markers to jump to a specified portion of your movie.

The three markers options that are available in the Make Windows Media File panel are: no markers, markers for every clip and markers for named clips only. If you select the no markers option, your movie file will be created without any markers. The markers for every clip option will include markers for every clip in your project. If any of your clips do not have custom names, a default name will be assigned to the clip based off of the name of your project. If you select the markers for named clips only, markers will only be included for clips that you have assigned a custom name to.

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