Pinnacle Studio: How To Set Up the Make AVI Settings

In Pinnacle Studio, the AVI settings are located under the Make File settings. The Make File settings are used for many file types, including AVI, DivX, and MPEG. The Make File panel allows you to manipulate file and compression settings. This guideline will go over the main functions of the basic AVI video and audio settings.

List All Codecs

The list all codecs setting is presented as a checkbox in the Make File panel. By default, the checkbox is not checked. Pinnacle Studio prefers to only list certified codecs. If you check the list all codecs box, all codecs that are installed on your hard drive will be listed, regardless if they are certified or not. It is not recommended that you check this box, because using codecs that are not certified by Pinnacle Studio may cause harm to your project.


You need to select a compression codec that is suitable for the device that you will be watching your movie on. For AVI files, it is very important that you select a codec that is supported by the viewer's computer platform.

Frame Rate

If you intend on watching your AVI movie on an NTSC television, select the standard frame rate, which is 29.97 frames per second. For PAL televisions, you will want to select a frame rate of 25 frames per second. If you will be broadcasting your AVI movie over the web, you should select a lower frame rate.

Width and Height

The width and height settings that are located in the Make File panel are represented by pixels. By default, the width and height that are displayed are the same width and height that Pinnacle Studio captured your footage at. If you decrease the width and height of your movie, the file size of your movie will decrease. If you are not sure which width and height setting to select, try changing the resolution on your computer monitor to see the effects of different width and height settings.

Data Rate

The data rate setting is the most important audio setting for AVI files. The data rate solely controls the audio compression rate. If most of the audio in your project is speech, select a data rate of 8-bit 11 kHz. If your movie contains a lot of music, select a data rate of 16-bit stereo at 22 or 44 kHz. The higher you go with the data rate, the larger the audio files will be.


For AVI files, your channel options should be Mono, Stereo and MultiChannel. In most cases, you will be using the Stereo setting. The Stereo setting causes sound to come out of both speakers on your computer or television, while the Mono setting causes sound to come out of a single speaker. If you select more than one channel, the file size of your project will increase.

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