Pinnacle Studio: How To Set Up the Edit Settings

In Pinnacle Studio, there are six edit settings that you will need to set up. Those settings are default durations, storyboard thumbnails, auto save, rendering, folder for auxiliary files, and when adding a menu. This guideline will go over the main purpose of each setting.

Default Durations

The times that are displayed in the default durations fields are represented by seconds and frames. There are three settings in the default durations field. Those settings are transitions, titles and stills and volume fades. The durations that are listed are used to control the initial duration of all transitions, titles, stills and volume fades that your Pinnacle Studio project contains.

Storyboard Thumbnails

The storyboard thumbnails setting contains two options. The options are small and large. The storyboard thumbnails are displayed in the Storyboard view of the Movie Window. The default setting is small. If you want more detail displayed in the thumbnail frames, select large.

Auto Save

The auto save option is turned on by default by Pinnacle Studio. You can configure the auto save option to save your Pinnacle Studio project at an interval that you select. The interval that you select will need to be in seconds. By default, when the auto save option is turned on, Pinnacle Studio will save your project every 180 seconds. If you want to disable auto save, uncheck the save project automatically every _____ seconds box.


As the name suggests, the options in the rendering field control the rendering of your Pinnacle Studio movie. The main rendering options are no background rendering, optimize for preview, and optimize for make tape. If you select no background rendering, your movie will be shown at a lower resolution when previewed. If you select optimize for preview, the background rendering speed will be increased, but the make tape process will take longer. The optimize for make tape option is the exact opposite of the optimize for preview option. If your graphics card is capable of 3D acceleration, you may want to check the use hardware acceleration box.

Folder for Auxiliary Files

As you edit and output your project, Pinnacle Studio creates auxiliary files. The folder for auxiliary files field allows you to control where Pinnacle Studio saves these files. By default, Pinnacle Studio will typically save the files to a folder in your documents. If you would like to select a different folder, click the folder icon. When you click the folder icon, a dialog box will appear that allows you to select any folder on your hard drive.

When Adding a Menu

By default, Pinnacle Studio will ask you if you want to generate chapter links when you place a disc menu on the Timeline. The options in the when adding a menu field allow you to avoid the above mentioned confirmation dialog. The when adding a menu drop down list has four options. The four options are don't create chapters, create chapters automatically, create chapters and returns, and ask if chapters should be created.

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