Pinnacle Studio: How To Set Up the Capture Format Settings

The Pinnacle Studio software offers many different settings for you to capture video. There are different digital and analog settings. Most of these capture settings will depend on the type of hardware you have. However, to get the highest quality capture, you want to make sure all of your settings are correct. There is only so much that software can fix after you have captured it. The highest quality videos start at the capture stage. Capture in the digital format is actually a type of file transfer. It also goes by the name of File Import.

Step 1: Format

One of the main settings is the type of format through which you want to encode your video. The 2 main formats are MPEG and AVI. Pinnacle Studio software also offers formatting too in other formats as well. This setting is found under the Capture Format tab. If you want to do any advanced editing with the captured video, then AVI format is best. Make sure you use a low compression or uncompressed version of this format.

Once you have finished editing, you can recode the video to a DVD format. If you want to do a video conversion, such as VHS to DVD, then encoding directly to MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 is best. You can also erase commercials and deleted sections of the film in MPEG, as this is considered very basic editing.

Step 2: Quality

You will also be able to set the quality for your video. Normally, DVD capture is the highest setting. However, depending on what you are using the video for, the time and amount of space on your drive, you can change the quality of the capture. Many times, if the original video was not at a high quality, then this can cause the video to be captured worse than it started. This can take some trial and error to get right.

Step 3: S-Video vs Composite

You will get a much better capture if you use the S-video output. S-video provides much better picture quality than by using the composite video or RCA output.

Step 4: Capture Resolution

There are several different resolution settings you can use. There are specific settings for YouTube videos. Depending on which type of capture you are using, there are several preset options. However, you can change the resolution to import better looking graphics. The best capture resolution for anything being imported as AVI is 640x480 and laser discs in 704x480 or 720x480. If you are converting the video to SVCD, then 480x480 is the best. The best resolution for VHS tapes is 352x480.

Step 5: The Bitrate

The bitrate will also relate to the quality of the film. Normally, the bitrate range in Pinnacle is 3000-7500, though this will vary depending on which version of Pinnacle studio you are using. Sometimes the bitrate will affect the resolution if it is set too high. For each resolution, there is a suggested bitrate setting. For a 352x480 resolution, the maximum bitrate is 4000k. For 720x480, the maximum recommended is 8000k. If your video has a lot of fast action, then sometimes adding an addition 1000k bitrate can help.

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