Pinnacle Studio: How To Save your Movie as RealVideo or Windows Media

Before saving the movie in Windows Media, RealVideo or any other format, make sure that there are no other changes that need to be made. Up until this point, the file you are working on is saved under the extension STX. This type of file can only be opened, played and edited using the Pinnacle Studio program. Once the movie or project is exported and saved into another format, you will no longer be able to add, delete or change any aspect of the movie such as the transitions, montages, titles or even the modifications you made to the video clips and audio files. Save the project one last time before you decide to export the file.

Step 1: Click the Make Movie Tab

Once you have finished the editing process, click the Make Movie Tab. This will open a new set of options and features specific for exporting the project to another file format. There are numerous export options, arranged into four types: Disc, File, Tape and Web, each with a corresponding icon located at the left portion of the screen. The Disc option allows users to export their movies and burned straight on a discs such as AVCHD, Blu Ray, HD DVD, DVD, SVCD and VCD. File is for saving the movie into file types such as AVI, Flash, MPEG 1, 2 and 4, RealVideo, Sony PSP, iPod and 3GP.

Unlike the Disc option, the exported movie is saved onto the hard drive which can later be transferred to other devices. The Tape option is for exporting the finished video to a camcorder tape. Last is the Web option. This allows you to render the finished movie straight into your YouTube or Yahoo account.

Step 2: Export to RealVideo or Windows Media

Click the File icon. Under the File Type drop down menu, select Real Media or Windows Media. The Preset selection located just underneath the File Type menu allows you to select the screen size from very small to full screen.

The Make Movie tab also shows information on the drive where the project is currently saved and the amount of space required for saving the movie into another format. It is important to remember that the file type, screen size and quality you select directly affect the size of the exported movie. Out of the list, RealVideo and Windows Media have the advantage of providing a decent quality movie without draining the disk space on your hard drive.

Once you select either one from the RealVideo or Windows Media file types, you should be able to see the default settings for that type of file. For a medium quality Windows Media video file, it has a screen resolution of 320x240 at 29.97 frames per sec with 16 bit Stereo. Click Settings if you wish to change them.

Once you are fully satisfied with all of the settings, click Create file. Wait for a few minutes for the program to fully render all of the clips, audio and effects involved. You have just made your own movie using Pinnacle Studio.

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