Pinnacle Studio: How To Save your Movie as an MPEG File

An MPEG file is used specifically to save your video files and play them as a DVD or CD. MPEG stands for moving pictures expert group. This is a standard form of video storage. You can do basic editing in this format, such as cutting out commercials. However, MPEG in Pinnacle Sudio will not support advanced editing.

Step 1: Capture

You first want to capture your movie. You can import it from a mobile device such as a camcorder or mobile phone. You also can import the file you want to work with if it is already saved on your computer. Depending on the version of the software, you can convert it directly to MPEG or save it as an AVI file to do some editing.

Step 2: Edits

If you want to do any basic editing, then you can first save the file as an MPEG and then cut out sections of the film or erase the commercials. However, if you are looking to do more advanced editing such as adding music, credits or effects, then you will need to first have the video file as an AVI.

Step 3: Make the MPEG

Select the make movie tab and then select MPEG. You will also want to go into the MPEG settings. The system will have preset options such as video CD or DVD. Choose which version you want and then click the create MPEG file. You will need to specify where you want the file to be saved. Make sure there is enough space to save the entire MPEG file. Longer movies that have high quality will take up a lot of space.

Step 4: MPEG Choices

MPEG-1 is used to create CDs. it is mainly used for original VHS recordings. An audio version of this file is the mp3. This is one of the most widely used formats in the world. MPEG-2 is used for digital TV and is the format that your DVDs are in. MPEG-2 files have yet to have the region specified on them. This version of MPEG is not good for low bitrates. Some version of the MPEG-2 is used for HDTV. MPEG-4- is a compressed version of digital data. This type of file supports 3D rendering, and a lot of different types of interactivity. Therefore, you can play an MPEG-4- file on all different types of mobile devices.

Step 5: Check the File

Once the file has been converted, you want to check this. You can view the MPEG format using Windows Media Player. You may need to go back and tweak different settings depending on the type of quality you are trying to produce. Many times this will take a bit of trial and error.

Step 6: Speed

The speed of this file conversion will depend on the length and resolution of the video. If your movie is 2 hours long, then it may take this amount of time for the file to save. Studio is a popular piece of software as is has some of the best conversions to MPEG format. You can save any type of file as an MPEG--slideshows, home made movies or recorded digital TV shows.

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