Pinnacle Studio: How To Save your Movie as an AVI File

By using Pinnacle Studio, consumers will find it easy to convert an AVI file and other video formats into RealVideo or Windows Media. Consumers who have never used the program before will be able to make their own movie by following the succeeding steps.

Step 1: Start the Pinnacle Studio Program

Shortcuts pointing to the program can be found on the desktop or by accessing the Pinnacle Studio program folder. Click on the icon twice to open the program. First time users should save the project in a folder that they will be able to remember and can access easily.

Step 2: Capturing Clips

Bundled with the Pinnacle Studio software is a variety of media clips, transitions, titles and montages on stock which consumers can play with. Users who are looking to import other clips should click the Capture tab, located on the upper left portion of the program screen. The program is capable of importing from a variety of sources including videotapes, DVD discs and memory cards. Select one which best suits the type of source as well as the destination folder. If you do not select a destination folder, the program will import the files into its default folders.

Step 3: Use the Timeline

After importing all the files that you need, click the Edit tab. Below this tab is a window which shows the usable media files for the project. Clips are arranged according to their type. On the left side is a column of icons for video, transitions, montages, titles, dvd menus, sound effects and sound files. Select the clips that you wish to use and drop them onto the Timeline located below this window. Edit the image or video files using the filters included with the program. These can be accessed by clicking the camera icon located at the upper left corner of the Timeline. Add transitions, soundtracks, montages and titles as needed.

Step 4: Export to File

Once you have edited your video and you are happy with the result, it is now time to export this project. Up to this point, the project has been saved into a file type which only the program Pinnacle Studio can access. You will need to export this project into another type of file so you will be able to play it on other computer systems, DVD players, camcorders or be able to upload and view online.

Click on Make Movie. This should open a different set of options and menus that will export the project into another format. There are four different options: Disc, File, Tape and Web. Click the File icon, located underneath the Disc button. Take note that this is entirely different from the File menu located at the topmost area of the program. Once clicked, it will show the File Type and Preset, Settings and an overview of the drive where the video will be saved. Under the File Type drop down menu, select RealVideo or Windows Media. Under Settings, select the destination folder if you wish to save it in another part of the hard drive. Click Ok and Create File, and the program will do the rest.   

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