Pinnacle Studio: How To Preview Transitions

Pinnacle Studio makes it very easy for you to preview transitions. All of the transitions in Pinnacle Studio are stored in their own section of the Album. Once you access the transitions section in the Album, you will be able to view all of the available transitions by clicking on the drop down list. When you select a category from the drop down list, the transitions will be displayed as thumbnail icons in the Album.

Previewing Transitions

To access the Transitions section of the Album, you will need to click on the transitions icon. The transitions icon looks like a small lightning bolt. To preview a transition, you will need to drag a transition icon and drop it into the Movie Window. Once the transition has been dropped into the Movie Window, click on the Play button.

You can also place the Space bar on your keyboard to play the transition. Once you press play, the transition will display itself in different stages to show you how it would work with the content in your project. You can also preview transitions in Pinnacle Studio by scrubbing through them in the Player or on the Timeline of the Movie Window.

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