Pinnacle Studio: How To Preview and Render Effects

Effects are an important part of any video production, and when you edit a project in Pinnacle Studio, you have a lot of effects to choose from. But, you can never really know if the effect is the right choice until you play it back.

Selecting Effects

Selecting effects is easy. Just click on the clip you wish to add an effect to on the timeline, and click on the camcorder icon. This opens up your 'Video Toolbox'. Next, click on the plug icon to open your effects bin. When you click on the effect, you will see a preview of how the effect will look on your video. If you're satisfied with this, then click OK.

Rendering Effects

As an editor, you can't really judge how the effect works until you see it play back smoothly in it's entirety. This requires you to render the effect. By rendering an effect, you are creating a preview file on your scratch disk that will allow the video to play back smoothly. Depending on the size of the clip and the intensity of the effects, rendering might take awhile. Be patient during this process because this will determine how you judge if the effect works or not.

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