Pinnacle Studio: How To Output Your Movie To Videotape

Pinnacle Studio offers editors and consumers greater ease when exporting to videotape. In comparison with other formats, this will require more steps.

Step 1: Add Black Video Frames on Both Ends of the Movie

This will act as a border in case you wish to add additional videos. To add an empty video clip, click the Edit Tab. There you will find a list of tools at the left side of the screen. Click the Titles Tab. Select one from the list and place at the beginning of the movie. Make sure that none of the tracks are locked when you add the title. This ensures that all the tracks will move accordingly once you add the title clip.

Double click on the title clip. This will open the editor for the title block. Delete any text inside the clip and change the duration to 30 seconds. This is to make sure that the edge of the videotape film will not affect the movie. Close the editor. On the main menu, click Edit then Copy. Move to the end of the movie and paste a copy of the blank video clip.

Step 2: Export the Movie

Click the Make Movie tab, or from the main menu, click View then Make Movie. Make sure that the all of the clips that have been used in the edited movie have been captured and saved on the computer's hard drive and not on the videocam, camcorder or other external device. The program will need to access the clips used in the edited movie in order to render it completely. Having all of the clips saved on the hard drive will make it quicker for the program to render the movie.

Click the Tape icon located on the left side of the screen. Pinnacle Studio will need to save a copy onto the local hard drive before exporting it onto the camcorder. The program will give a basic estimate on how much storage the edited movie will need on the hard drive. It is important that the computer's hard drive system has a large capacity. To give you an idea, a movie for export to videotape which lasts no more than one minute may require as much as 200 MB.

Check the settings by pressing the Settings button and see if the output source is correct. For added convenience when saving on to a DV camcorder, users may check the option Automatically Start and Stop Recording. This will allow the program to control the camcorder. The Record Delay Time can be adjusted to 5 seconds to give the camcorder's spool enough time to adjust to the necessary speed before the transfer starts. Click Ok to save the settings.

On the Make Movie Video, click Create. The program will now start to export the video and save it onto the local hard drive. How long this will take depends on the length of the movie, transitions and effects. If the automatic option is selected, this will take longer as after saving to the hard drive, the exported movie will then be copied onto the videotape. The program will stop once the export process to videotape is over.

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