Pinnacle Studio: How To Output your Movie To DVD, VCD or S-VCD

Pinnacle Studio makes it easier for consumers to export their edited videos to DVD, VCD or S-VCD. The process can be done using the following steps.

Step 1: Launch the Pinnacle Studio Program

Double click on the Pinnacle Studio icon found on the desktop. The icon is distinguished by a series of multi hued rectangles arranged in a circular pattern with the word Studio underneath. Once opened, you can choose to create a new project or continue with an existing one. Proceed to Step 4 for those who have an existing project ready for export. Otherwise, you may proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Import Media Using the Capture Tab

The program interface is split into various areas. At the very top is a list of menus such as File, Edit, View, Setup and Help to name a few. Immediately below that are three tabs named Capture, Edit and Make Movie. If you wish to import additional media clips such as video, images or audio, click the Capture tab. Select the source and destination drive where the media will be placed.

Once you have imported all of the media you need, click on the Edit tab. Underneath the tab is a window that displays all of the media that can be used with the video. Click, drag and drop the clips onto the Timeline. The Timeline is the long window which occupies almost the entire bottom part of the screen. Pay close attention to how the various clips are arranged on the Timeline. How they are arranged on the Timeline is how they will appear on the final video.

Step 3: Edit the Clips

Change the duration of the clips as necessary. Pull the sides of the clips to make them last longer or shorter. Place transitions such as fades or dissolves and titles to make the video more personal. Audio files or sounds can also be added. Make sure that there are no gaps or you will end up seeing black spots after the movie is exported. Remember to save the project as often as you can so as not to lose any of the changes you have made to the file.

Step 4: Export to Disc

After making all the necessary editing and arrangements, click the Make Movie tab. On the left most side is a list of export options including Disc, File, Tape and Web. The Disc option allows you to directly burn the video onto a disc. Click the image with the Disc word written on it. It will then give you options regarding the disc type, video quality, how much space it will require, the space available on the disc and settings. Click the arrow immediately following Disc Type. The drop down menu will list the types of disc allowed including AVCHD, Blu-Ray, HD DVD, DVD, S-VCD and VCD.

Load a disc onto the drive of your computer which has the disc burner installed. Select an option from the Disc Type drop down menu and press Create. The program will then burn the movie onto the disc using the settings you have chosen. You have just made your own movie!

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