Pinnacle Studio: How To Output Your Movie To a Camera or Video Recorder

Pinnacle Studio is a versatile and easy-to-use, non-linear video editing program that allows you to output your final edits to a camera or video recorder. All you need is the computer with the program, a fire wire and your video recorder. The software takes care of everything else from there. 

Why Output to Tape?

When it debuted five years ago, a DVD burner was considered an expensive accessory. Now it comes as part of the standard package when you buy a new computer. So, you might be wondering why you would output your project to tape when you can just easily make a DVD that you can play in your living room without additional equipment. Well, the answer is that you should output to both formats. DVDs can be played virtually anywhere, but they can also easily be scratched which damages the data on the disk.

Having a back up on tape means that you still have a perfect copy of your project if something ever goes wrong with the DVDs. Also, there are some theaters and film festivals that require you to have your work on a tape because DVDs can sometimes be unreliable for play back. You don't want your big moment to be ruined by a skipping disc.

Step 1: Preparing the Output

Before you output the movie, you need to prepare everything. Start by watching the movie just to make sure that you are fully happy with the edit and don't have any last minute changes. You should also make sure that your project has a few seconds of black video before the movie starts and after it ends. Next, take a new tape and label it. Then, put the tape in your camcorder or video recorder and connect it to the computer via the firewire cable. Turn it on.

Step 2: Starting the Output

The outputting to tape process takes place in the 'Make Movie' mode portion on Pinnacle. With your movie opened in this mode, click on the 'Tape Button' which is located on the left side of the screen. The video settings and estimated file size of the exported file will appear in the 'Make Movie Window'. Pinnacle needs to export the movie as a file before it can be recorded on to your tape so that they play back is smooth. If your video is jumpy due to something processing on the hard drive, then it's no good.

Step 3: Working with the Settings

Click on the settings button and make sure that the correct output device is selected. If you're outputting to your digital video camcorder, then select the option to allow Pinnacle to automatically start and stop recording. The firewire allows Pinnacle to have control over your camcorder's functions. When choosing this step, make sure that you enter in at least five seconds of delay time so that the camcorder has time to get up to recording speed before the movie plays back. 

Step 4: Creating the Preview File

Once your settings have been entered, hit the 'Create' button and Pinnacle will start making your movie's file. This may take a few minutes and the program will alert you when it's complete.

Step 5: Outputting to Tape

Once the file is created, all you need to do to play it back is to hit the 'Play Button'. If you chose to allow Pinnacle to automatically record, it will. If not, then hit 'Record' on your video recorder, wait a couple of seconds, and then hit the 'Play Button'.

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