Pinnacle Studio: How To Open and Use the Title Editor

If you're editing your own movie - whether it be an amateur film, simple home movie or professional presentation - you will find that adding titles to it will be very useful. If you're working on Pinnacle Studio, you're in luck because it's one of the most user-friendly editing software programs around. Though the range of options and tools in Pinnacle Studio may not match up to professional level editing, the things you can do on it are more than suitable for beginners. Adding titles in this software is very easy, and there are also a number of choices for you in terms of style and animation. You may opt to put a title at the beginning of your presentation, use titles as transitions between different scenes or place a title over a scene if you feel it needs text support. Here's how you can work the title editor in Pinnacle Studio.

Step 1: Click the Button for Show Titles

This is the T tab on the left side of your media window. You will see a window with a variety of text options. On the dropdown menu, you will see more category choices for title styles and animation, such as standard titles and customized pre-set ones. All these title options can be further customized.

Step 2: Drag the Chosen Title to Timeline

Simply drag your selected title to the T track on your timeline. Here, you can dictate where in the movie it will be inserted.

Step 3: Edit the Title Card

Simply double click the title card, and you will be taken to the Title Editor where you can further personalize the style, design, appearance and movement of your title.

Step 4: Type in Your Preferred Text

Just double click on the preset text on the Title Editor, and here you can type your chosen text. If you want to change the font, just highlight the entire word, and from the dropdown you can select the font you want and the size you prefer. There are also alignment options available. Each font also comes with style and color options. Some texts can appear to be glowing, while others can look embossed, engraved or glossy.

Step 4: Customize Further

At the top right of the Title Editor window is a tab that will take you to a whole other range of text customization options. Here, you can assign different colors to each letter or word, or you can add more professional-looking effects such as Drop Shadow, Blurring and more. You can adjust the outline of the text, and assign a different color to it. There's also the option to have gradient colors throughout your text, or make the text transparent so your video can be showing through behind it instead. Just be imaginative and creative at this stage.

Step 5: Lay-out Your Title

You can tilt the text any which way you want, or simply click and drag it to another area on the screen. Once you're done, your title is automatically saved and ready for viewing.  

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