Pinnacle Studio: How To Make a Disc Menu

Pinnacle Studio is one of the best and most professional video editing packages currently available. It also simplifies the process of creating a disc menu. This makes editing all sorts of videos very simple. No matter what you want to do to your videos, it's possible to use this software to create a professional looking finished result. If you're making a DVD, then it's fairly easy to do this with Pinnacle Studio. By designing your DVD menu, it is possible to create a professional looking finished result.

Making a disc menu in Pinnacle studio is very easy and shouldn't take you long to complete. It's also very easy to make this menu look as professional as possible.

Step 1: Create the Video

The first thing that you need to do is create the video. It is also possible to do this later on, but it will be slightly easier if you do it now. Follow the directions to import your video clips and create a suitable and professional video.

Step 2: Select the Background

Next, you need to choose the background for the menu. You can either use a solid color, static picture or a video. If you're using a video, then select the video file you want to use as the background and trim it if required. The video will repeat over and over again, so you need to trim it so that it repeats somewhere that makes sense.

Step 3: Choose the Menu

Now, choose the DVD menu that you want to use. There are a number of different types of menu included with Pinnacle Studio. Click the menu you want, and drag it down to the title track on the time line. The thumbnail images will be still images by default. If you want to change this then you can check the "Motion Thumbnails" box. If you want to manually index all the scenes, then you can also do this by changing the option. It's also possible to set the video to return to the main menu after every chapter rather than continuing.

Step 4: Editing the Menu

Once you have set the basic settings for the menu, it is then possible to edit it. You can change the text on the top of the menu or alter various other settings. It's also possible to redesign the menu to make it look different. Once you have finished editing the menu, you should then save your work.

Step 5: Optional Settings

It's possible to add an additional background audio track if you wish. This will cause the menu to have certain background music rather than just being the audio from the video itself. It's also possible to set up numerous other options including multi level menus. This will make your DVDs look even more professional because they will be even easier to use.

DVD menus are a very easy to create in Pinnacle studio, but they will make your finished product look a whole lot more professional. Taking the time to learn how to improve the DVD menus will make it much easier to make your videos a success.

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