Pinnacle Studio: How To Fade Effects In and Out

Pinnacle studio is an excellent editing program that is easy to use, and part of what makes it such a great program is the wide range of video effects that a user can choose from. These effects are easy to apply to your entire clip, but what if you want to control the effect so that it fades in and then out? Well, to do this, you need to use keyframes.

What Are Keyframes?

The easiest way to understand keyframes is to think of them as cues. Your typical video was shot and plays back at thirty frames a second. That means that one second of video is comprised of thirty still images. Now, if you wanted a video effect to gradually fade in and then gradually fade out of a video clip, you will need four key frames. 

The first key frame will be at the point where the effect begins to fade in. The second key frame is where the effect reaches its full level. The third key frame is the mark where the effect begins to fade out, and the last key frame is where the effect is fully gone.

Applying Effects in Pinnacle Studio

Applying effects to your clips is easy. Select the clip you wish to add an effect to in the timeline by clicking on it. Next, click on the 'Camera' button on the top left of the timeline which will open the 'Video Toolbox'. Select the very last button on the left which will open up your video effects. Double click on the effect you wish to apply to your video clip.

Working with Key Frames

After you add an effect to your clip, the controls for that effect will be displayed. To work with the keyframes, click on the 'Use Keyframes' box at the bottom right of the effects window. The Keyframe controls will appear.

To add keyframes, just move to different points of the clip in the timeline and alter the values of the effects controls. Then, click on the 'Add' button. Every time you do this, a new keyframe will be added which is represented by a numbered box on the timeline which indicates it's position.  

If you wish to edit the keyframes, you can quickly jump back and forth between them with the arrows at the bottom of the effects window. You can alter or delete with just one click.

Fading an Effect In and Out

So, we now have an effect that has been applied to a five second long clip that we wish to fade in and out. At the very first frame of the clip, we make the effect's value zero and add a keyframe. Then, at the one second mark, we bring the effect's value up all the way and add another keyframe. At the four second mark, we add another key frame. Then, at the five second mark, we make the value zero again and add the last keyframe.

When the clip is played back, the effect fades in and then out.

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