Pinnacle Studio: How To Edit Menus on the Timeline

In Pinnacle Studio, you can edit menus directly on the Timeline. If you need to trim menus, you can trim them just like you would any other clip by using the handles. To view directions for trimming clips on the Timeline by using handles, view "Pinnacle Studio: How To Trim on the Timeline Using Handles." This guideline will go over how menus are represented on the Timeline and how to edit menus on the Timeline.

Understanding Menu Track

Before you can begin editing menus on the Timeline, you need to understand how the menu track works. Any buttons that you have on your menus will be represented by flags on the menu track. The flags will be located above the video track.

The menu itself is represented by a colored rectangle. In most cases, the color of the rectangle will be orange. If you have three menus on the menu track, the menus will be marked as M1, M2 and M3. Chapters are represented by a C flag on the menu track. If menu one has three chapters associated with it, the chapter flags will read C1, C2 and C3.

Creating Menu Links

To create menu links on the Timeline, you will need to right click on either the menu track or the video track. When the pop-up menu appears, select either Set Disc Chapter or Set Return to Menu. If you create a return to menu link, that link will automatically be placed at the end of the selected clip. Generally speaking, you will never want to return from the middle of a clip, but you can easily reposition the return to menu link by following the below directions. When you create a disc chapter link, the link will be inserted at the exact point that you right clicked on the menu track in the Timeline.

Repositioning Menu Links

Once you have created a menu link, you can easily reposition that link. To reposition menu links on the Timeline, all you have to do is click the flag and drag it to its new position. If you move a video clip on the video track, any flags that are associated with the video clip will be automatically moved by Pinnacle Studio. When you reposition a menu link on the Timeline, you are changing the location at which the link takes effect in the movie.

Deleting Menu Links

Pinnacle Studio gives you two options for deleting menu links on the Timeline. The first option is to right click on the flag. Once the pop-up menu appears, select Delete to delete the menu link. The second option is to select the link with your mouse. Pinnacle Studio will automatically highlight the link when you have selected it. With the link highlighted, press the Delete key on your keyboard.

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