Pinnacle Studio: How To Do Two Track Editing with Studio Plus

Pinnacle Studio is an excellent non-linear editing software program that offers a lot of effects while remaining easy to use. This is a great program for someone with an interest in video production to start editing their videos on. Part of it's simplicity is that it uses two video tracks on the timeline for editing--one for your main video and the other for titles as well as overlays for compositing.

How Multi-Track Video Editing Works

Multi-track video editing allows users to blend several videos into one image. The track system works on a universal principal that all editing systems obey. The higher video track is dominant over the lower ones.

For example, let's say that you have two video clips and that Clip A is longer than Clip B. We place Clip A on track one and Clip B on track two with both of them starting at the same time. Because the video on track two is dominant over the video on track one, we would only see Clip B playing in the video player. When Clip B is complete, only then will we see Clip A. 

Step 1: Editing Standard Video in Two Tracks

You can use the two track system to your advantage when editing together regular video clips that are joined only by cuts. You can put Clip A on track one with Clip B on track two. Adjust the end and start points of the two videos until you find a point where the cuts are seamless. This system can help you edit your work faster.

Once you do find that magic moment, you should trim the two clips and then move Clip B down to track one. As an editor, you should always keep your timeline neat and organized so that editing decisions are not accidentally undone by sloppiness.

Step 2: Two Tracks and Titles

You need to have two video tracks if you plan on adding titles over your video. The video clip will be on track one while the title will be on track two. Create the title so that is has a transparent background; this way only the text covers your video clip.

Step 3: Two Tracks and Effects

There are some video effects that require you to have at least two video tracks. The most common of these is Chroma Keying. Chroma keying has become very popular in the digital age as it has become cheaper to shoot on a green screen and then digitally add the background as opposed to building a set. Chroma keying is sometimes called green screening.

If the green screen was lit evenly, then this is an easy effect to pull off. Simply place the green screen shot on track two and the background on track one. Then, add the Chroma Keyer effect to your green screen clip. Use the color dropper to select the specific green color to take out and manipulate the settings to make it disappear. If the green screen was not evenly lit, then you may need to apply this effect several times. 

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