Pinnacle Studio: How To Display Scene and File Information

Pinnacle Studio is a dynamic and incredibly simple-to-use, non-linear editing software system. With it you can easily capture video shot on your DV camcorder. In fact, you can even walk away after starting the capturing process, and Pinnacle can automatically organize your footage on the tape thanks to the program's Scene Detection feature.

Scene Detection automatically breaks the footage up when it detects a break in the time code or an extreme change in the video footage's look that signals a new location. Each video file is represented by a thumbnail depicting the first frame of that scene. Even though the scene is represented by a picture, it is still very easy to display the scene and file information.

Step 1: Park the Mouse

If you want to see a video's scene and file information, all you need to do is park the mouse over the video clip in the Album. Leave it there for a few seconds, and a pop up box appears that displays the video's start time and total duration. This is a quick way for you to differentiate between a clip that was a full take and one that had to cut prematurely.  

If you leave the mouse over the video for a few more seconds, the information changes. This time the precise time code from the tape of when the clip started and ended is displayed. But, what do you do when you want to see more details?

Step 2: Getting More Details

If you want to see more detailed information about your video, then you need to switch the video scene section into Folder View. Folder view gives you a text representation of your video, and instead of a thumbnail, it is displayed with a file name. To see your clip's details, you need to switch into Details View which is located in the Album's right context menu. 

In Detail View, you can see the clip's file name, resolution, aspect ratio, duration and frame rate. It's a good idea to compare your project's settings with these details because if they do not match, then you're edited video will be distorted. 

Step 3: Look at the Raw Files

If this information is still not enough for you, then you can search through your computer's hard drive and locate the raw file. This will give you information as to when the file was created on the computer and the size of the file. But, you won't get the production details that you do from Pinnacle.

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