Pinnacle Studio: How To Copy an AVI File To Tape

It is possible to take an AVI file and transfer it to a tape. The AVI format is normally a type of video file that is stored on the hard drive. The easiest way to watch these is to write them to a DVD, but not everyone has a DVD player. Some people still use tapes. The best way to achieve this is to use DVD conversion software, and Pinnacle has several programs available. The Pinnacle Studio software has several different software packages available, and you can do any type of video editing and converting. This means you can view your video in any form.
Step 1: The AVI File

First, you need to choose the AVI file that you want to transfer to a tape. You can take any video from your camera, phone, DVDs and more, and then transfer them to VHS format. The Pinnacle Studio software will take this AVI file and then reformat it to a tape format, normally MPEG.

Step 2: Editing

It is not necessary, but you can edit your movie if you so choose. Many people will put together old family movies, add animations, effects, titles and music. You can choose a specific theme or create your own. You can create any type of movie you want. This is a great way to transfer movies form DVD to VHS if needed, or create photo albums on VHS.

Step 3: The Quality

The main issue with quality is when you convert the AVI file to its new format. Every time you take the original and then change it, there will be a small loss in quality. This should not be too bad, but it is best to start with a high resolution AVI file to start with to minimize the quality loss.

Step 4: Required Equipment

In order to write to a tape, you will need to have some special hardware. You will need a video tuner card that can be tuned to a specific TV channel that is used for VCR playing or a video card that has a video and audio input. Another option is VCR that has a firewire connection output. This connection will be connected to the VCR recorder and will burn your video to the tape.

Step 5: Another Recording Option

If you have a DVD/VCR recorder, then there is an additional burning option. Take your AVI file and burn it to a DVD. Then, put the DVDs into the duel recorder and burn what is on the DVD onto the VHS tape. As long as you are using good software, then this entire process is very easy no matter which type of recorder or connection you use.

A Few Tips

Another great function of this Pinnacle Studio software is that besides creating tapes, you can also backup your VHS to your computer. VHS does not last as long as DVD and other digital files, so having a backup means you will not lose your favorite movies. This video making software package contains everything that you would need to not only convert the video file, but completely edit and tweak your own films and then share them.

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