Pinnacle Studio: How To Combine and Subdivide Scenes

Pinnacle Studio makes it easy for you to combine and/or subdivide scenes. The only time that you should be combining and subdividing scenes is after the capture process. While you are previewing your captured movie scenes, you may notice that you need to make adjustments to the scenes to make them easier to edit. This guideline will go over directions for combining scenes and for subdividing scenes.

Guidelines for Combining Scenes

Pinnacle Studio only allows you to combine selected adjacent scenes. The scenes will be combined in the exact order that they appear in the Album. If, for example, you selected scenes one and two and scenes five and six, scenes one and two will be combined together and scenes five and six will be combined together. Those four scenes will not be combined to form a single scene.

How to Combine Scenes in the Album

The first step in combining scenes is to select all of the scenes that need to be combined. With the scenes selected, go to Album and select Combine Scenes. Pinnacle Studio will automatically combine the selected scenes into one scene. The combined scenes will remain in the Album. If you combined scenes 1 and 2 and scenes 7 through 10, your new scenes will read 1,2 and 7-10, respectively. If, by mistake, you included scene 5 when you selected scenes to combine, that scene will not be touched because there was no adjacent scene to combine that scene with.

How to Subdivide Scenes in the Album

Subdividing scenes takes a bit longer than combining scenes does. As with the combining scenes process, you first need to select all scenes that need to be subdivided. Once you have selected the scenes, go to Album and select Subdivide Scenes.

When you select Subdivide Scenes, the Subdivide Selected Scenes dialog box will appear. The Subdivide Selected Scenes dialog box will ask you "How many seconds per scene?" You will need to type a value into that box to let Pinnacle Studio know how long each scene should be. You may not enter a value that is lower than 1 second in the Subdivide Selected Scenes dialog box. If, for example, you enter 10 seconds, and video remains that is 7 seconds long, that video will automatically be added to the last scene that Pinnacle Studio subdivided.

After you have entered a value into the Subdivide Selected Scenes dialog box, press OK. A progress bar will appear on your screen that shows each scene being subdivided. The new scenes that are created will automatically be placed into the Album. If you do not like how the scenes were subdivided, you can press Control and Z on your keyboard to undo the subdivide actions. You can also subdivide the new subdivided scenes to decrease their size, if necessary. If you subdivided scene 1, the new scenes will appear as 1a and 1b in the Album.

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