Pinnacle Studio: How To Add Video Clips To Your Movie

Pinnacle Studio makes it easy to add video clips to your movie. There are several ways of adding video clips. Video clips can be come from a variety of sources including videotapes, memory cards or data discs, DVD discs or even external devices such as a webcam or VCR. After adding the video clips, you will be able to trim the clip or add certain effects to finish the movie. Here are the steps in adding video clips to your project.

Step 1: Launch the Pinnacle Studio Program

By default, there should be a shortcut on the desktop. Double clicking on the shortcut will launch the program. On a Windows based system, another way is by clicking the Start button and looking for the application under the Pinnacle folder. Click on Studio 14 or a similarly named application to launch the program.

Step 2: Start a New Movie Project

After launching the program, a window will appear which will ask you whether you want to open an existing project or create a new one. Name the project and save it.

Step 3: Import the Video Using the Capture Tab

Once the program has launched successfully, you should be able to see three tabs on the top left corner of the screen. Click the Capture Tab. A window should open, which will give you options on what type of content can be captured. The options include: Videotape or Video Source, Data Disc or Memory Card and Video DVD. Select the option which fits the type of source.

When the Videotape or Video Source option is selected, it opens the Capture screen. A video camera icon on the lower left acts as a player which is able to control the video camera. On the right side is a window which displays the amount of free space available on the drive selected and the type of capture. Capture options include DV and MPEG. Choose MPEG to save space. Select Start Capture. A new window will open, which will allow you to name the clip, change the destination drive, and decide when the capture should stop. Click Start Capture to start and Stop Capture to manually stop the process.

With selecting the Data Disc or Memory Card option, a new window will open. This will show the files saved on the card or disc. Select the files you need to import. Rename files or change the destination directory as needed. Click the Import button to start saving the process. This process works for both video cameras and still cameras which use memory cards or data discs.

Another option is by clicking the Video DVD option. It will open a window, which will allow you to select the file in the DVD disc and change the destination directory. Press the Import button to start the process. Repeat the process and click the Capture button whenever you need to import additional video clips.

Step 4: Start Editing and Save

Once the video clips have been imported and saved onto the computer's hard drive, then you can start editing. Remember to save before closing the program, and you are on your way to making your first video.

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