Pinnacle Studio: Basics of the Toolboxes

The toolboxes are the fastest and simplest way to edit content in pinnacle Studio. The available toolboxes in Pinnacle Studio are the audio toolbox and the video toolbox. You can only access the toolboxes when you are in edit mode. You can open and close the audio and video toolboxes by using the icons that are located at the top left of the Movie Window.

Video Toolbox

The video toolbox contains seven tools. Those tools are clip properties, montage themes, titles, disc menus, frame grabber, SmartMovie, picture-in-picture and chroma-key and video effects. The clip properties tool allows you to change the start and end time for any clip. You can also use the clip properties tool to change the default name of a clip.

The themes editor tool provides theme templates that you can use to customize your clips. By using the themes editor tool, you can also import video and photos that can be used in the theme clip. The titles tool allows you to edit the names and lengths of the titles in your movie. By using the "Classic Title Editor" and the "Motion Titler," you can also change the text and appearance of the title.

The disc menus tool gives you various options for editing the disc menu. The main function of the disc menus tool is to allow you to edit the links that connect the disc menu buttons. The frame grabber tool can take a snapshot of a single frame in your movie. You can then use that frame elsewhere in your movie.

The SmartMovie tool allows you to create a music video. When you use this tool, Pinnacle Studio will automatically combine the footage and song of your choice. The PIP and chroma key tool allows you to create picture-in-picture and apply chroma key effects. The video effects tool contains various plug-in video effects that are supplied by Pinnacle Studio.

Audio Toolbox

The six tools in the audio toolbox in Pinnacle Studio are clip properties, volume and balance, voice-overs, CD audio, background music and audio effects. The clip properties tool has the same function as the clip properties tool that is located in the video toolbox. The volume and balance tool allows you to control the master volume of all audio tracks in your project. You can also use the volume and balance tool is mute audio tracks and add real-time volume fades.

The voice-overs tool allows you to record a voice-over by using a microphone. The CD audio tool allows you to rip tracks from a CD and use them in your movie project. The background music tool uses a feature in Pinnacle Studio called ScoreFitter. ScoreFitter will automatically create a musical soundtrack by using parameters that you choose, such as style, song and version. The soundtrack that is created will match the duration of your movie. The audio effects tool allows you to apply plug-in audio effects to any audio clip in your project.

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