Pinnacle Studio: Basics of the Movie Window

In Pinnacle Studio, the Movie Window will be where you spend most of your time. The purpose of the Movie Window is to allow you to build your movie using items that are located in the Album. When you have Pinnacle Studio open, the Movie Window will take up the entire bottom half of your screen when you are in Edit mode. You can open Edit mode by clicking on the toolbar that is located at the top of Pinnacle Studio. Edit mode is located between Import and Make Movie.

Basic Movie Window Buttons

All of the buttons that you will need to use are located on the right hand side of the title bar in the Movie Window. The Add Marker button will create a new clip marker based off of the location of the Timeline scrubber. The Audio scrubbing button allows you to preview your audio while you are scrubbing your movie. The only other time you can preview the audio in your movie is during playback. The Audio scrubbing button looks like a loudspeaker.

The Split clip / scene button will split the clip that is currently selected in half. This button is represented by a razorblade in the title bar. The Delete Clip button will delete the currently selected clip. The Delete Clip button is a little red trashcan. When you delete clips that are on the main track in your movie, Pinnacle Studio will automatically close the gap that was created by the deletion.

Movie Window Views

The Movie Window in Pinnacle Studio allows you to view your project three different ways. The views offered in the Movie Window are Storyboard, Timeline, and Text. You can toggle between the various views by using the view selection buttons, which are located in the upper right corner of the Movie Window.

The Storyboard view displays your video scenes and transitions in chronological order. The scenes and transitions will be displayed via thumbnail icons. The Timeline view will show the position and duration of your clips. The position of the clips is based off of the Timescale. The Text view provides a list of the start and end times for all of the clips in your project. The overall duration of your clips will also be displayed.


You will use the various toolboxes for editing your movie. You can only view the toolboxes when you are in Edit mode. To access the toolboxes in Pinnacle Studio, you will need to use the buttons that are located at the top left corner of the Movie Window. The buttons will say Video toolbox open, Audio toolbox open and Both toolboxes closed.

The Video toolbox provides you with 7 tools for editing your movie. Those tools are clip properties, montage themes, titles, disc menus, frame grabber, SmartMovie, picture-in-picture and video effects. The Audio toolbox contains 6 tools for creating and editing audio clips. Those tools are clip properties, volume and balance, voice-overs, CD audio, background music and audio effects.

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