Pinnacle Studio: Audio Transitions

Transitions provide different effects to your video. In Pinnacle Studio, you can create both audio and image transitions. To better understand how audio transitions work in Pinnacle Studio, it is best that you understand what transitions are all about.

Defining Audio Transitions

In production, audio transition is often referred to as crossfade. It is the sound that you hear when a clip or sequence is transitioning to the next clip or sequence. Adding audio transitions post-editing is a technique used to create a smooth transition between two audio files.

Basically, during an audio transition, one audio source file fades out while the other audio source file fades in, creating a smooth transition of the sounds or audio since the listener can hear both files simultaneously even for a short period of time. Often times, the length of audio transitions or the fading of audio transitions is limited only to the amount of audio in a source file. This means that an editor can make the audio transition as long or as short as the audio or sound file.

Uses of Audio Transitions in Pinnacle Studio

Audio transitions can be quite handy during the editing phase of a production video. Aside from making a sound transition between two clips or sequences, audio transitions can also be used as a transition sound between chapters of a video or audio. Often times, it is also used when voice over in a video is used.

Difference between Transitions and Effects

It is also important to understand the different between transitions and effects. Effects, whether sound or image, refer to the movement and sound that accompanies slides or text as they are introduced into the video frame. Effects can be used within a clip or sequence to add interests, description and design to the clip or sequence.

Transitions, on the other hand, are visual or audio effects from one slide, clip or sequence to the next during a video or audio. It is like an introduction or option that helps fill in the gap or timeline between each clip. However, both transitions and effects can be customized to suit your preference.

Using Audio Transitions

In Pinnacle Studio, you can add audio transitions to your video or audio easily. To do this, all you need to do is click on the Transitions button which is situated on the left side of the Studio video portfolio. It is the icon that has a lightning on top of a box.

Once you click the Transitions button, the Transitions pane will appear, where you can find a wide selection of transitions you can use for your audio or video. From the drop down menu in the Transitions pane, you can choose several categories. After, you can click on a thumbnail of the transition you want to give you a preview of what the transition looks like. On the right side of the screen, you will hear the preview of the transition.

To add the transition, just click and drag the audio transitions between the two clips or sequences where you want the transition to appear.

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