Pinnacle Studio: Analog Capture Options

This step-by-step procedure provides you with useful steps on how to use the analog capture options in Pinnacle Studio. Pinnacle Studio is an editing software program that can make your editing job easier.

Step 1: Connect the Device to the PC

Before you can capture an analog file, you first need to connect the device to your computer. Make sure that you connect the audio and video jacks of your camcorder or VCR to the inputs in your video capture device.

Step 2: Import the Analog File

Once you have connected the device, you now need to open Pinnacle Studio program. Once you have opened the program, select Import from the Studio Screen. This will load the Studio Import. On the top left portion of the monitor, you will see the Import From. Choose the correct device where the analog file is located. Below the Import From is the Import To, which shows where your video will be capture to.

Step 3: Change the Destination of Your Analog File

If you want to change the destination where you want the analog file save, just click Video. In case you want to save it to a totally new folder, just click New Folder on the button portion of the Folder window, which is located on the right side of the monitor. Once you are done, the Studio will automatically set the analog video to the new location you have set.

Step 4: Change the Mode of the Analog Video

In Pinnacle Studio, you can also change the Mode of the analog video. To do this, go to the right side of the monitor where you will see the Mode window. In this window, you will see Presets, Scene Detection and Stop at Tape End.

The Presets button allows you capture your analog video as MPEG or DV. Turning the Scene Detection on or off allows you to break your video into clips. The Stop at Tape End just allows the Studio to automatically stop capturing the video at the end of the tape.

You will also notice that there are arrows beside Presets and Scene Detection. This gives you options on how you want the buttons to work. With Scene Detection, you can have it automatically stop the tape based on time and date or automatically stop the tape at every specific second. After you are done, just click the X and it will automatically save the changes you have made.

Step 5: Capture the File/Image

After you select where you want to save the file, you can now start capturing the analog file. To do this, just click the Start Capture button on the lower left-side corner of the screen. You then need to press play on your camcorder or VCR. You will notice that the black screen will now start playing your analog file.

Step 6: Stop the Analog Capture

When you are done capturing the analog file or want to stop at a certain clip or sequence, all you need to do is just click the Stop Capture button.

Step 7: Sequence of the Analog Video

After you have captured the analog video, it is important to remember that the Pinnacle Studio automatically detects the start and end of each scene. Each captured scene is then saved as a picture icon. These icons are then saved to the Video Scenes Album in Pinnacle Studio. You can now start organizing the clips of the analog video according to your preference. Just drag each icon to the order that you prefer.

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