Pinnacle Studio: About Transition Types and How To Use Them

There are many different transition types in Pinnacle Studio. A transition is an animated effect that is placed in between two clips. The purpose of the transition is to make the passage from one clip to another smoother. This guideline will go over the various transition types and how to use the transitions.

Using Transitions

You can view transitions in Pinnacle Studio by opening the Album. To place a transition into your movie, drag the transition icon from the Album and drop the transition onto the video track, the overlay track, or the title track. You must have the Movie Window open in Timeline view in order to place transitions into your movie. If you place a transition on the video track, the transition will be used to bridge two full-screen clips together. Transitions that are placed on the overlay and title track will bridge two neighboring clips together.

Cut Transition

The cut is a very basic transition in Pinnacle Studio, but it is also widely used. The cut transition provides an instantaneous shift from one scene to the next. It is best to only use the cut transition in between scenes that have similar video content.

Fade Transition

You can set up the fade transition so that it either fades down or fades up. By fading down, the fade transition will fade into the beginning of a video clip from a black screen. By fading up, the transition will fade from the end of a clip to a black screen. The fade transition is typically used at the beginning or end of a movie.

Dissolve Transition

The dissolve transition is very similar to the fade transition. The major difference is that the dissolve transition begins to fade up while the previous scene is fading down. Many people like to use the dissolve transition in conjunction with the cut transition, because the dissolve transition makes the cut a bit less abrupt.

Wipe, Slide and Push Transitions

The wipe, slide, and push transitions are grouped together in Pinnacle Studio. With all three of these transitions, an edge moves across the screen in a different direction and reveals the video from the next scene. With the wipe transition, the video from the next scene will enter the screen as the transition edges across the frame. The slide transition forces the video from the next scene to slide across the screen until it is in the proper position. The push transition is very similar to the slide transition, except with the push transition the old video is sliding off the screen as the new video enters.

Hollywood FX Transitions

The Hollywood FX transitions in Pinnacle Studio are very dramatic transitions. The most basic Hollywood FX transitions are 3-D transitions and effects. A very basic set of Hollywood FX transitions are included with Pinnacle Studio. However, you can purchase additional Hollywood FX transitions from the Pinnacle Studio website. You will typically only use Hollywood FX transitions in sports and action footage or in music videos.

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