Picturenaut Photography Software: Key Features

Picturenaut photography software is an easy-to-use HDR imaging program. Picturenaut comes with a wide array of image editing tools that you can use to get the most out of your photos. Picturenaut is released as donationware by HDR Labs, which means it is free to use for personal use. Picturenaut is compatible with Windows operating systems only. Below are some key features of this program.

Image Editing Tools

Picturenaut comes standard with a wide array of image editing tools that are designed to allow you to create the perfect HDR images. A few of those image editing tools are exposure correction, ghost removal, automatic image alignment and color balancing. Picturenaut even allows you to have full control over camera curve, which is a nice feature.

RAW Image Support

One of the best features of Picturenaut is RAW image support. When you transfer images to your computer from your camera, the images are in RAW format. When you convert RAW images to a popular image file format, such as JPEG or PNG, your image may lose some of its detail or sharpness. Picturenaut supports RAW images from most digital camera brands, which ensures that the HDR images that you create will be of the highest possible quality.


Tonemapping operators that are included with Picturenaut are exposure adjustment, dynamic compression, saturation and contrast. You can adjust those tonemapping operators by using a slider or by entering a numeric value. Picturenaut will apply the changes that you make to your images in real time, which allows for quick and easy adjustments. Picturenaut supports multicore-CPUs, which ensures that the tonemapping operators that are included with Picturenaut will run as fast as your computer allows them to.