Picturenaut Photography Software: FAQs

Picturenaut photography software is an HDR imaging program that is made by HDR Labs. Picturenaut comes with all of the tools that you need to make better HDR images. Picturenaut is compatible with Windows operating systems only. This guideline will go over a few frequently asked questions about Picturenaut.

1. Does Picturenaut Support RAW Files?

One of the best features of Picturenaut is the fact that Picturenaut does support RAW files. When you convert a RAW image to a popular image file format, some of the sharpness and detail of the photo may be lost. The purpose of Picturenaut is to allow you to create better HDR images, which means you need the highest quality photo to work with.

2. What Does Color Balancing Do?

Color balancing is one of the many image editing tools that are included standard with Picturenaut. When you use the color balancing tool in Picturenaut, the program will do its best to align the HDRI colors in your photo to the source image colors. The purpose of using color balancing is to ensure that there are no errors in your HDR image. However, you should not use color balancing until your photo has been completely processed by Picturenaut.

3. How Can I Install Picturenaut?

Unlike many programs, Picturenaut does not come with an installer. You will need to use a compression program to unzip Picturenaut once you have downloaded it. Once you have unzipped the contents of the Picturenaut file, extract them into a folder of your choosing. To start Picturenaut, open the folder that you created and look for the .exe icon in the bin folder.