Picturenaut Photography Software: An Overview

Picturenaut photography software has compelling new looks, has plenty of features, and it also makes excellent HDR images. All this also is done quickly and easily. Best of all, it is freeware which means that it puts in your hands a free to use tool that makes high quality HDR images. This is a wonderful image editor that offers excellent HDR editing as well as tone mapping. It boasts of easy-to-use features without compromising on functionality.

Realistic Images

If you are a photographer, you will certainly want to find a solution to help you create more realistic HDR images. This is just the right software for such purposes. This image editing software also has seven different interpolation options to help you resize your HDR images and do so with maximum control over various sharpness parameters. There are also additional features available that help in undoing, redoing, zooming, panning and displaying gamma as well as exposure on free-to-use plug-in SDK.

Automatic Image Alignment

Automatic image alignment is one of the standout features of this software. Other features that make this a very useful program include color balancing, the ability to correct exposure, and then there is ghost removal as well as support for RAW--features that make this very powerful software.

Tone Mapping

Tone Mapping is another standout feature. There are four built-in operators supporting its multi-core CPU: Exposure, Bilateral, Photoreceptor Physiology and Adaptive Algorithm. Whenever these settings are adjusted, they are also updated in real time on the preview image.