Picture Saver: An Overview

Picture Saver is a program that allows you to view your pictures as a screen saver. Basically, Picture Saver will automatically generate a screen saver for you based off of the photos that you have selected. Picture Saver, which is made by CMB Software, is compatible with any version of Windows that is newer than 95.

1. Creating Screen Savers

With Picture Saver, you can select individual photos or folders that contain photos. There are no limits in regards to how many photos you can have in your screen saver. When Picture Saver creates your screen saver for you, Picture Saver will automatically apply cool video effects, such as wipes, to your photos. Picture Saver only uses professional design layouts in their screen savers, so you know that you'll be getting a professional looking screen saver.

2. Audio

One of the best features of Picture Saver is the fact that you can have audio playing in the background of your screen saver. When you are creating your screen saver, simply select a folder that contains a .WAV or .MID file. Picture Saver will automatically add that audio to your screen saver and it will continue to loop as long as your screen saver is displayed.

3. Password Protection

Do you have a problem with people constantly changing your screen saver? Picture Saver can solve that problem for you. Picture Saver features a password protection option. If you type a password into the password protection field in Picture Saver, no one will be able to access or change your screen saver without entering your password.