Picture Arena 101

Picture Arena is a program released in November 2005 by IOSPIRIT for Macintosh users. Its main purpose is to manage your images more effectively and conveniently. Whether you’re on the go or sitting at home browsing through your image gallery, this program can help you organize, classify and categorize your pictures with just a few clicks of your mouse.

System Requirements

Made specifically for the Mac, this program will run on MAC OS X 10.3, MAC OS X 10.4 PPC and MAC OS X 10.3.9. You must make sure that you are running on these operating systems, otherwise, Picture Arena may not work to its full potential (or may not work at all).


You can easily browse your image file system with this program. Whether your images are stored in CDs or in folders within your hard drive, you can browse them effectively and easily.


You can now import your photos and videos from your digital camera and other recording device into your computer. Folders and libraries can be transferred to your hard drive within minutes.

Web Galleries

Choose from a wide range of themes if you want to make cool web galleries with eCards. These are all available already and all you have to do is to choose one that fits your mood and liking.

Synchronizing Files

This program allows you to work on your images without being connected to the network. You can now work on them anywhere and anytime, and then have them synchronized with just one click. This feature is especially handy for people on the go and Picture Arena makes all this possible.