Pictocolor iCorrect 101

iCorrect EditLab from PictoColor is sophisticated color editing and correcting software, available as a plug-in as well as a stand-alone program. The interface is quite user friendly, offering a choice of four main tools which makes the workflow very effective and quick. The arrangement of the tools is laid in such a way that if you proceed with your workflow by selecting the tools starting from the left, the next tool cannot affect the previous one.

Here are the main tools and the editing controls they provide.

Color Balance

Clicking on the tab marked "1" gives you access to the work area where you can correct the color balance in your image. Your image is displayed in the left panel while there are controls in the right panel. There is a Color Cast consisting of black and different shades of grey and white. Clicking on any of these neutral colors will change the color balance in the image and give you the corrected version.

Tonal Range

Tab 2 helps you to establish a good tonal range for your image by automatically fixing a new white and black point. You have easy-to-use slider controls and an eye dropper tool to make the necessary edits.

Saturation, Contrast and Brightness

The third tab helps you to execute precise control over editing saturation, contrast and brightness in your image. You can independently select areas of shadows and highlights for editing.

Hue Editing

Tab 4 enables you to fine tune hues of various colors in your image. In the image, you can click on an area of a specific color that you need to change the hue. This will activate the Hue-wheel and you can then adjust the hue from this wheel. The software also provides frequently used colors like Skin Tones, Sky Blue and so on.


In each of the above four tabs, you will find the button for SmartColor which will automatically analyze the image and make settings for the right parameters needed for the correction.