Picking the Right Version of Lasersoft Silverfast

It can be very difficult to pick the right version of Lasersoft Silverfast for your needs. There are 5 main versions of Lasersoft Silverfast software that you can choose from for your digital camera. Those versions are DC SE, DCVLT, DCPro, DCPro Studio and DC Calibration. All versions of Lasersoft Silverfast are compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. This guideline will go over the main purpose of each of those versions of Lasersoft Silverfast software so that you can select the right version for your needs.

1. DC SE

Lasersoft Silverfast DC SE is a great photo editing program for beginners. Lasersoft Silverfast DC SE comes with several intelligent automatic functions that will guide you through the editing process so that you can make your photos look like professional photos. Lasersoft Silverfast DC SE also comes with tools that will help you manage and organize your photos. The QuickTime tutorial videos that are provided with Lasersoft Silverfast DC SE are a great tool for beginners, as well.


Lasersoft Silverfast DC VLT is a step up from DC SE. Amateur and professional photographers alike will love using Lasersoft Silverfast DC VLT. Lasersoft Silverfast DC VLT is designed to allow photographers to organize, manage and review their photos with ease. Lasersoft Silverfast DC VLT allows you to archive your photos, assign comments to your photos and much more. You can also use Lasersoft Silverfast DC VLT to set up your photos for high resolution printing.

3. DCPro

Lasersoft Silverfast DCPro is a high end digital camera program. This program is tailored for professional digital photographers. Lasersoft Silverfast DCPro supports RAW data formats from most professional digital cameras, such as Canon, Nikon and Olympus. Lasersoft Silverfast DCPro comes with many image correction tools, such as color correction, exposure adjustment and red-eye removal. Like other versions of Lasersoft Silverfast, DCPro is also makes it easier for photographers to organize and manage their digital photos.

4. DCPro Studio

Lasersoft Silverfast DCPro Studio is simply an enhanced version of DCPro. Lasersoft Silverfast DCPro Studio comes with all of the features that DCPro comes with, plus a few more. One of the best new features that is included with Lasersoft Silverfast DCPro Studio is JPEG 2000 16 bit compression. Lasersoft Silverfast DCPro Studio also comes with a feature called PhotoProof that allows you to create color-managed contract proofs on any calibrated output device. Image optimization is also made easier with Lasersoft Silverfast DCPro Studio thanks to the included Hot-Folder system.

5. DC Calibration

Lasersoft Silverfast DC Calibration is a digital camera target program. Basically, Lasersoft Silverfast DC Calibration uses imaging camera targets, instead of IT8 targets, to calibrate your digital camera. If you need additionl high precision targets, those can be ordered from Lasersoft. For precise white balance calibration, Lasersoft Silverfast DC Calibration provides both focusing aides and greycards. Unlike many other calibration programs, Lasersoft Silverfast DC Calibration is specifically developed for digital camera calibration.