Picartia: FAQs

Picartia is a free online service that enables you to create mosaics. If you need your mosaics in a quality higher than 10 Megapixels, there is a nominal fee. The creation process is quite simple and quick, and the finished product can be printed either as a poster or used on websites or blogs.

How Does Picartia Work?

You need to log on to Picartia website and upload your photos that you want converted into a mosaic. Picartia operates with five powerful algorithms that will compare all your photos to get the right color combinations and matching patterns, to give you a perfect mosaic. There will not be any overlaying and none of the cells are tampered with.

Why Not Buy Mosaic Software?

There are certain advantages of getting your mosaic done online as compared to buying software and doing it yourself. First of all, when you buy software, you need to learn its various functions and spend time in creating the mosaic. Also, there are chances of your computer crashing if it cannot handle the technical requirements of the software. Particularly, if your computer does not have the required RAM to get a better quality mosaic with more megapixels, your software would be a waste. You also need to consider the how many mosaics you are going to require in a period, as you do not want to invest in expensive software when you need only a few mosaics.

What Is the Best Format and Size to Upload?

Picartia works best with photos in JPEG format and with a size of not more than 2 MB. If you still encounter trouble then the server might be busy and you should try again after a couple of minutes. If the problem persists, there is definitely some issue with the master photo and you need to try with another one.